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  • Movieyourself advises:
    Resolution: 1080p/ 2,7k/ 4k
    60fps for outdoor footage and 30 fps for indoor footage,
    Wide or medium screen size,
    Protune off (unless you know what you are doing)
    While shooting with your mobile, remember to shoot horizontally.

  • Only horizontal (landscape) videos! Vertical footage looks just bad. Every tv and computer screens are always horizontal. Remember – shoot your videos always horizontally.

  • Submit your order and you will receive email with details how to access our online platform. You will be able to upload your footage there from any device. If your prefer, you can also mail your footage to us at: Movieyourself, ul. Zloty Rog 29a/3, 30-095 Cracow, Poland. Remember to attach your order number to your shipment.

  • Movieyourself uses licence. This is currently the most popular music website among YouTube community with people like: Casey Nestat, Peter McKinnon or Jon Olsson. If you decide to have commercial music in your clip, remember that you are the one responsible for copy rights.

  • Stable footage is a challenge if you are not using a professional gear. Even when not moving, the footage might not be perfectly stabilized, because of hands shaking. Make sure you avoid moving while recording and when you need to walk, walk slowly and take big steps. Do not hurry. When shooting a landscape panorama, turn around slowly and make sure your hands move steady. While recording a dynamic take keep cold blood. Stay focused on your subject and remember to move your camera slowly. When using GoPro 7 or DJI Osmo Action cameras the build-in image stabilization improves the video. Technology at service of people 😉

  • Long movies take lot of memory on your card and 75% of it will never be used. Try to take shoots with up to 20 sec length tops. It’s better to shoot many shorter takes than just few long ones.

  • PAL and NTSC are video standards – PAL is European and NTSC is US standard. However nowadays it does not matter anymore. Movieyourself advices to use NTSC mode, which allows to shoot 30 fps or its multiple – 60 fps e.x. It allows us to focus on some shoots during the edit, using Slow Motion effect.

  • Most popular modes are currently 720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD). New cameras allow to shoot 4K (UHD) quality. We recommend to shoot in 1080p, which provides perfect picture, so your movie will have the top quality.

  • If your camera allows to record 60, 120, 240 or more frames per second, it gives us a possibility in editing to show as time in certain scenes appears to be moving more slowly than in reality. Since our eyes see 25 fps, footage shot in 60 fps can be played 2 times slower. With 120 fps is can be played 4 times slower. The more frames per second, the greater slow motion effect can be achieved.

  • Depending on chosen option we deliver ready clip within 6 to 10 working days. If you choose express option, editing will take only 48h and we will still make your movie glamorous!

  • Yes, we collect the payment for editing the clip upfront. You will find our pricing options on Pricing and Order pages.

  • Follow our Facebook and Instagram! Sometimes we also run promotions with vlogers and influencers. Stay vigilant! ☺

  • Yes! You decide whether your clip is public or private. We respect your privacy, so if you don’t want your clip to be seen by others, chose “private clip” option when submitting your order.
    Editing of each clip gives us a lot of fun and we are always eager to brag about the outcome. Thanks to well edited and shared clips we promote our work, so if you decide to publish yours, we will be over the moon! ☺

  • Yes! After editing is finished, we always share the clip and await possible remarks and suggestions or simply your acceptance ☺ Fulfilling your expectations is our priority!

  • Each clip is shared with you via YouTube link. Until accepted, your clip isn’t public, so nobody else can see it.
    When accepted, depending on your privacy choice, we share it on social media or not. Additionally, we always send you the movie in original version for download via

  • Yes! Each clip edited by us holds our 5 second intro at the beginning and at the end. It promotes our brand. Remember that this additional 5 seconds intro gives you extra time to get comfortable and ready for watching ☺

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