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Do you already have raw footage from your holidays, travel or business trip? Don’t waste your time for longsome editing! Leave this to us! Save your time and get professional holiday movie. Choose one of our three pricing options, order now and in few days you will receive a great holiday souvenir 😉

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Pakiet Happy to nasz podstawowy pakiet


79 EUR
About 3 minutes lenght
max 15 GB
HD 720p
10 days
Pakiet Fun to nasz polecany pakiet


99 EUR
About 4 minutes lenght
max 50 GB
FullHD 1080p
8 days
Pakiet Cool to najlepszy pakiet


149 EUR
About 4 minutes lenght
max 100 GB
HD 1080p / 4k
5 days

Pytania - odpowiedzi faq

  • Movieyourself advises:
    Resolution: 1080p/ 2,7k/ 4k
    60fps for outdoor footage and 30 fps for indoor footage,
    Wide or medium screen size,
    Protune off (unless you know what you are doing)
    While shooting with your mobile, remember to shoot horizontally.

  • Only horizontal (landscape) videos! Vertical footage looks just bad. Every tv and computer screens are always horizontal. Remember – shoot your videos always horizontally.

  • Submit your order and you will receive email with details how to access our online platform. You will be able to upload your footage there from any device. If your prefer, you can also mail your footage to us at: Movieyourself, ul. Zloty Rog 29a/3, 30-095 Cracow, Poland. Remember to attach your order number to your shipment.

  • Movieyourself uses licence. This is currently the most popular music website among YouTube community with people like: Casey Nestat, Peter McKinnon or Jon Olsson. If you decide to have commercial music in your clip, remember that you are the one responsible for copy rights.

  • Stable footage is a challenge if you are not using a professional gear. Even when not moving, the footage might not be perfectly stabilized, because of hands shaking. Make sure you avoid moving while recording and when you need to walk, walk slowly and take big steps. Do not hurry. When shooting a landscape panorama, turn around slowly and make sure your hands move steady. While recording a dynamic take keep cold blood. Stay focused on your subject and remember to move your camera slowly. When using GoPro 7 or DJI Osmo Action cameras the build-in image stabilization improves the video. Technology at service of people 😉

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